September 5, 2008

.....The long wait is over

Hello all...i know i know..its been awhile..but my new inventions(?) are finally here =D enjoy..

Green Green Grass
(combining two opulent colours of Green and Lilac, these bangles can be worn together or seperately)

The Black Pearl
(the chunky version of our bangles, The Black Pearl is made to complement any outfit)

Schoolgirl Crush
(100% handmade with elasticated back, this polka dot head band is simply amazing)

Wild Flowers
(made from lace, pearls and satin, this head scarf will be the next big thing)

Violets are not Blue
(embellished with buttons and ribbon-ed sleeves, this polyester shirt is symmetry in motion)
fits sizes 6 to 10
If you have any questions regarding purchase or queries of any sort..feel free to drop me a mail on ..I will be more than happy to hear from you..

June 7, 2008

Launch of stuff(s): mariegrace

ok..tis is my very first attempt at trying to create a blog so i hope it works*fingers crossed* =D

anyhoos..the main reason for the sudden need to blog is (as you would have noticed from the title), the launch of my very own label stuff(s) mariegrace is stuff(s): mariegrace all about..well..u know how u walk into a shop and you find sumthing u absolutely adore...but when u look at the price tag, u place the item right back on the shelf with a heavy heart because it's just so freaking expensive!!! wat's more..u turn around and you find that at least 5 other girls in the shop are eye-ing/buying/wearing that sumthing that you want!! so..being the bargain hunter that i am and realising the need for one-of-a-kind clothing/accessories and wat nots..i decided to have a go at making my own's my first lot of stuff(s):

Button me up (39 handstitched buttons and lace onto a white tank. Perfect with a denim mini and leggings, this tank is pure embellishment.) fits sizes 6 to 8 (NZ)
-NZD 22-

Chocolaterie (simple and sweet is the theme here, this chocolate tank even has a mini chocolate lookalike button!) fits sizes 6 to 8 (NZ)

-NZD 18-

Satin magnolias (this satin headscarf is excellent for that walk on a cold winters day)

-NZD 12-

Blue suede bangles (no, its not suede, but the colours and texture of these handmade bangles are reminiscent of the song by Elvis Presley ‘Blue Suede Shoes’.)

-NZD 10-

as you can see, i have made 2 tops, a headscarf and a pair of bangles over the past couple of months and they are now up for sale at ..u will also find all necessary info regarding my stuff(s) at thedresshop..i know i only have a couple of items up for sale but not to worry..once my exams are over (i.e. in 6 blooming days)..i will b working away on more one-of a kind stuff(s) that you can adorn yourself with =D for now..all stuff(s) will b available through coz the they do all the transactions and itsy witsy details that i dun really know how to..haha..u will also find other goodies at so go have a peek...

all support and feedback is much appreciated and i hope you like my stuff(s)!!! =D have a great weekend everyone!!! toodles...

p/s: you can mail me at if you have any further questions regarding my stuff(s)...